This multi-state outbreak scenario occurred in 1998. By the time the investigation was completed 215 lab-conformed cases of illness had been identified and one death.

Now it is your job to solve the outbreak. Go through the three parts of the investigation; surveillance, the epidemiologic investigation, and the environmental investigation. You will test your knowledge of basic ideas and concepts by matching a blue ‘question’ card with a yellow ‘answer’ card. Question cards fade away as time goes by. Once they disappear, that information is no longer available. Some cards fade more rapidly than others, indicating information that must be gathered early in the investigation. Incorrect guesses incur an additional time penalty, so read each card carefully and try to remember their locations.

For each correct match you will get a clue. The clues will appear in your case notebook. Clues may or may not directly relate to the match question and answer. If you cannot match the question and answer cards in a timely fashion you may not get to see each clue. Check with your teammates to see what clues you may have missed. Continue your discussion of the outbreak on the WebCT Discussion Page. In order to win the game you must correctly determine what organism caused the outbreak and how and why the outbreak occurred.

phase 1: Surveillance

phase 2: Epidemiologic Investigation

phase 3: Environmental Investigation