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Mike's Ham Page

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Welcome to my ham page. I use and enjoy all modes but am primarily a CW operator and happy to have earned awards DXCC CW #12,029, WAS CW #52,955, and WAC CW, all earned with 100 W / dipole. The irony, a CW op named Mike!

Not a ham? If you happened across this page by chance and are not a ham, you can learn more by surfing on over to the American Radio Relay League, of which I am a Life Member and whose link is below. Ham radio is a fun hobby with many enjoyable aspects to it. There truly is something for everyone.

Ham and CW op? Join an NTS net! Sure, you've been at cw for decades and hear the washing machine seemingly squeak and groan in CW after a contest, but traffic nets need a different kind of focus. Not quick, fixed exchanges, and not a ragchew where it's ok to drop a word here & there. It's business-like but friendly, because you hang out with the same group. You meet new people likely to become longtime friends, hone your cw so that not a single letter is miscopied, and you even become part of a system that might help the community someday. Sure, the last is less and less likely in this day and age, but you never know. It is for sure, however, a skill from down the decades that connects you with the very best operators in a century of ham radio. See the MSN link below.

Historical CW and Radio Training

Bell Labs

Some US military Morse code, training, and historical radio films on YouTube:

Historical radio films:

AT&T Archives

Bob W3NE Reminiscences of Philadelphia Area Radio

Here are a more or less random assortment of links related to my hamming activities. Always feel free to email me.


I enjoy old cartoons and advertisements for ham radio, especially from about the 40s through 70s. On the left, I isolate a Heathkit drawing from the manual cover. To the right is simply a digitally cleaned up Heathkit ad. The bottom ad is from QST June 1957. If you have high resolution scans, I'm happy to work on them as time allows.

Worthwhile Organizations

International Amateur
Radio Union

American Radio
Relay League

Maryland Slow Net
NTS Traffic Net

Straight Key Century Club

Dayton 20 11 Photo

North American

Ham Things

AB3AP shack

My Elecraft Software,

written in Java.

My Rockmite,

a neat little QRP rig.

My QSL Card

Mobile APRS set up

Lionel Bug Revival


Cake Pan Transmitter

CW Key Switch Project

1972 ARRL CW Operating Manual


Ft. Monmouth MARS/ARS shack

Contemplating ARRL Life Membership?

Random Wire Calculations


Bayou Jumper QRP Rig


Ameco AC-1T Clone


The German band Kraftwerk sang for Expo 2000, "Mensch Natur Technik" ("Man Nature Technology"), which I translate into ham-speak as "Operator Atmosphere Radio," though it's not as musical. :-) Fun music for any ham. Check out the CW in their "Radioactivity" tune.

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